\ Electric Scissors, CORDLESS TRIMMER, EC-1

Electric Scissors ITEM # EC-1 / Price $107.79
Electric Scissors for Faster, Easier Cutting.
Multi Purpose Battery Operated Ergonomic Cutter helps to reduce wrist and hand strain. The EC-1 Electric Scissors cut fabric, patterns, leather, and paper quickly,
and can be used with or without a power cord. These Electric Scissors are industrial quality and have blades made of carbide steel and never need to be sharpened.


EC-1 Includes:
Electric Scissors
All Purpose Blade (used for straight quick cutting)
Shoe Blade (used for patterns and fabric)
Rechargeable D.C. Battery
AC Adapter (Transformer)
Power Cord

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EC-1 Multi Purpose Battery Operated Ergonomic Cutter $127.79

Also Available Separately

EC1BL (Standard Cutter Blade  $31.85)
EC-1BT (Rechargeable Battery  $37.89)
EC-1CH-N/S (Battery Charger  $36.00)
EC114 (Counter Blade  $19.99.00)
EC1TR (Adapter - Transformer ) $35.95


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